June 28 All Events

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June 28th, 2008 (June 28 2008)DeathRuslana Korshunova, Kazakhstani model (b.1987)
June 28th, 2007 (June 28 2007)DeathEugene Bennett Fluckey, American Navy Submariner (born in 1913)
June 28th, 2007 (June 28 2007)DeathKiichi Miyazawa, 78th Prime Minister of Japan (born in 1919)
June 28th, 2006 (June 28 2006)EventThe Republic of Montenegro was admitted as the 192nd Member of the United Nations by General Assembly resolution 60/264.
June 28th, 2006 (June 28 2006)DeathJim Baen, American science fiction publisher and editor (born in 1943)
June 28th, 2006 (June 28 2006)DeathGeorge Page, American television host (born in 1935)
June 28th, 2006 (June 28 2006)DeathPeter Rawlinson, Baron Rawlinson of Ewell, English barrister, politician and author (born in 1919)
June 28th, 2006 (June 28 2006)DeathGeorge Unwin, British WWII fighter ace (born in 1913)
June 28th, 2005 (June 28 2005)EventCanada becomes the third country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.
June 28th, 2005 (June 28 2005)EventA final design for Manhattan s Freedom Tower is formally unveiled.
June 28th, 2005 (June 28 2005)DeathBrenda Howard, American LGBT activist (born in 1946)
June 28th, 2004 (June 28 2004)EventThe 17th NATO Summit starts in Istanbul.
June 28th, 2004 (June 28 2004)EventSovereign power is handed to the interim government of Iraq by the Coalition Provisional Authority, ending the U.S.-led rule of that nation.
June 28th, 2004 (June 28 2004)EventEstonia, Lithuania and Slovenia join the European Exchange Rate Mechanism
June 28th, 2004 (June 28 2004)DeathAnthony Buckeridge, English author (born in 1912)
June 28th, 2003 (June 28 2003)DeathWim Slijkhuis, Dutch athlete (born in 1923)
June 28th, 2001 (June 28 2001)EventU.S. Appeals Court overturns a lower court s order to break up Microsoft in an antitrust case.
June 28th, 2001 (June 28 2001)DeathMortimer Adler, American philosopher (born in 1902) Philo Quotes
June 28th, 2001 (June 28 2001)DeathJoan Sims, English actress (born in 1930)
June 28th, 2000 (June 28 2000)EventCuban exile Elian Gonzalez returns to Cuba following a Supreme Court order.
June 28th, 2000 (June 28 2000)DeathJane Birdwood, British anti-Semitic activist (born in 1913)
June 28th, 2000 (June 28 2000)DeathNils Poppe, Swedish actor (born in 1908)
June 28th, 1997 (June 28 1997)EventMike Tyson vs Evander HolyfieldTyson is disqualified in the 3rd round for biting a piece from Holyfield s ear.
June 28th, 1996 (June 28 1996)EventThe Constitution of Ukraine is signed into law.
June 28th, 1994 (June 28 1994)EventMembers of the Aum Shinrikyo cult release sarin gas attack at Matsumoto, Japan, 7 persons killed, 660 injured.
June 28th, 1994 (June 28 1994)BirthMadeline Duggan, English actress
June 28th, 1994 (June 28 1994)BirthPrince Hussein bin Al Abdullah II, Prince of Jordan
June 28th, 1993 (June 28 1993)DeathGG Allin, American punk rock singer (born in 1956)
June 28th, 1992 (June 28 1992)EventThe Constitution of Estonia is signed into law.
June 28th, 1992 (June 28 1992)DeathMikhail Tal, Latvian chess player (born in 1936)
June 28th, 1990 (June 28 1990)EventPaperback Software International Ltdied in found guilty by a U.S. court of copyright violation for copying the appearance and menu system of Lotus 1-2-3 in its competing spreadsheet program.
June 28th, 1990 (June 28 1990)BirthJasmine Richards, Canadian actress
June 28th, 1989 (June 28 1989)DeathJoris Ivens, Dutch filmmaker (born in 1898)
June 28th, 1988 (June 28 1988)EventThe worst confined-space industrial accident in U.S. history occurs at a metal-plating plant in Auburn, Indiana, killing five.
June 28th, 1988 (June 28 1988)BirthLacey Schwimmer, American dancer
June 28th, 1986 (June 28 1986)Event?A Luchar! holds its first congress in Bogota, Colombia.
June 28th, 1986 (June 28 1986)BirthKellie Pickler, American singer
June 28th, 1986 (June 28 1986)BirthShadia Simmons, Canadian actress
June 28th, 1985 (June 28 1985)BirthPhil Bardsley, English football player
June 28th, 1985 (June 28 1985)DeathLambros Konstantaras, Greek actor (born in 1913)
June 28th, 1983 (June 28 1983)EventThe Mianus River Bridge collapses over the Mianus River in Connecticut, killing 3 drivers in their vehicles.
June 28th, 1983 (June 28 1983)BirthMaui Taylor, Filipino model and singer
June 28th, 1981 (June 28 1981)DeathTerry Fox, Canadian athlete and cancer activist (born in 1958)
June 28th, 1980 (June 28 1980)DeathJose Iturbi, Spanish pianist and conductor (born in 1895)
June 28th, 1979 (June 28 1979)BirthHa Ji-won, South Korean actress and singer
June 28th, 1979 (June 28 1979)BirthRandy McMichael, American football player
June 28th, 1979 (June 28 1979)BirthFlorian Zeller, French novelist and playwright
June 28th, 1978 (June 28 1978)EventThe United States Supreme Court, in Regents of the University of California v. Bakke bars quota systems in college admissions.
June 28th, 1978 (June 28 1978)BirthSimon Larose, Canadian professional tennis player
June 28th, 1978 (June 28 1978)DeathClifford Dupont, First President of Rhodesia (born in 1905)
June 28th, 1977 (June 28 1977)BirthMark Stoermer, American bass player (The Killers)
June 28th, 1977 (June 28 1977)BirthChris Spurling, American baseball player
June 28th, 1977 (June 28 1977)BirthHarun Tekin, Turkish musician, Mor ve Otesi
June 28th, 1976 (June 28 1976)EventThe Angolan court sentenced US and UK mercenaries to death sentences and prison terms in the Luanda Trial.
June 28th, 1976 (June 28 1976)BirthShinobu Asagoe, Japanese tennis player
June 28th, 1976 (June 28 1976)BirthSeth Wescott, American snowboarder
June 28th, 1976 (June 28 1976)DeathStanley Baker, Welsh actor and film producer (born in 1927)
June 28th, 1975 (June 28 1975)BirthJon Nodtveidt, Swedish musician, Dissection
June 28th, 1975 (June 28 1975)DeathKonstantinos Apostolos Doxiadis, Greek architect (born in 1913)
June 28th, 1975 (June 28 1975)DeathSerge Reding, Belgian weightlifter (born in 1941)
June 28th, 1975 (June 28 1975)DeathRod Serling, American television scriptwriter (born in 1924)Rod Serling Quotes
June 28th, 1974 (June 28 1974)BirthRob Dyrdek, Professional skateboarder
June 28th, 1974 (June 28 1974)DeathFrank Sutton, American actor (born in 1923)
June 28th, 1973 (June 28 1973)EventElections are held for the Northern Ireland Assembly, which will lead to power-sharing between unionists and nationalists in Northern Ireland for the first time.
June 28th, 1973 (June 28 1973)BirthAdrian Annus, Hungarian athlete
June 28th, 1972 (June 28 1972)BirthJon Heidenreich, American professional wrestler
June 28th, 1972 (June 28 1972)BirthAlessandro Nivola, American actor
June 28th, 1971 (June 28 1971)BirthTichina Arnold, American actress
June 28th, 1971 (June 28 1971)BirthFabien Barthez, French footballer
June 28th, 1971 (June 28 1971)BirthKenny Cunningham, Irish footballer
June 28th, 1971 (June 28 1971)BirthNorika Fujiwara, Japanese actress and television personality
June 28th, 1971 (June 28 1971)BirthRon Mahay, American baseball player
June 28th, 1971 (June 28 1971)BirthAileen Quinn, American actress
June 28th, 1971 (June 28 1971)DeathFranz Stangl, Austrian commandant of concentration camps (born in 1908)Franz Stangl Quotes
June 28th, 1970 (June 28 1970)BirthMushtaq Ahmed, Pakistani cricketer
June 28th, 1970 (June 28 1970)BirthSteve Burton, American actor
June 28th, 1970 (June 28 1970)BirthMike White, American filmmaker and actor
June 28th, 1969 (June 28 1969)EventStonewall riots begin in New York City.
June 28th, 1969 (June 28 1969)BirthDanielle Brisebois, American actress
June 28th, 1969 (June 28 1969)BirthAyelet Zurer, Israeli actress
June 28th, 1968 (June 28 1968)BirthAdam Woodyatt, English actor
June 28th, 1968 (June 28 1968)BirthChayanne, Puerto Rican singer
June 28th, 1967 (June 28 1967)EventIsrael annexes East Jerusalem.
June 28th, 1967 (June 28 1967)BirthGil Bellows, Canadian actor
June 28th, 1967 (June 28 1967)BirthLars Riedel, German discus thrower
June 28th, 1966 (June 28 1966)BirthJohn Cusack, American actor
June 28th, 1966 (June 28 1966)BirthMary Stuart Masterson, American actress
June 28th, 1965 (June 28 1965)BirthJessica Hecht, American actress
June 28th, 1965 (June 28 1965)DeathRed Nichols, American musician (born in 1905)
June 28th, 1964 (June 28 1964)EventMalcom X forms the Organization of Afro-American Unity.
June 28th, 1964 (June 28 1964)BirthMark Grace, American baseball player
June 28th, 1963 (June 28 1963)BirthBeverley Craven, English singer-songwriter
June 28th, 1962 (June 28 1962)DeathMickey Cochrane, American baseball player (born in 1903)
June 28th, 1962 (June 28 1962)DeathCy Morgan, American baseball player (born in 1878)
June 28th, 1960 (June 28 1960)BirthJohn Elway, American football player
June 28th, 1960 (June 28 1960)DeathJake Swirbul, American aircraft manufacturer (born in 1898)
June 28th, 1958 (June 28 1958)BirthFelix Gray, French singer and songwriter
June 28th, 1957 (June 28 1957)BirthLance Nethery, Canadian ice hockey player and executive
June 28th, 1957 (June 28 1957)BirthGeorgi Parvanov, President of Bulgaria
June 28th, 1957 (June 28 1957)BirthMike Skinner, American racecar driver
June 28th, 1956 (June 28 1956)EventProtests and demonstrations in Poznan. Also called Poznanski czerwiec (June of Poznan).
June 28th, 1956 (June 28 1956)BirthNoel Mugavin, Australian Rules Football player
June 28th, 1955 (June 28 1955)BirthShirley Cheriton, English actress
June 28th, 1955 (June 28 1955)BirthEric Gates, English footballer
June 28th, 1955 (June 28 1955)BirthThomas Hampson, American baritone
June 28th, 1954 (June 28 1954)BirthAlice Krige, South African actress
June 28th, 1952 (June 28 1952)BirthPietro Mennea, Italian athlete
June 28th, 1950 (June 28 1950)EventSeoul is captured by troops from North Korea.
June 28th, 1950 (June 28 1950)BirthMauricio Rojas, Swedish politician
June 28th, 1948 (June 28 1948)EventCominform circulates the "Resolution on the situation in the Communist Party of Yugoslavia"; Yugoslavia is expelled from the Communist bloc.
June 28th, 1948 (June 28 1948)BirthKathy Bates, American actress
June 28th, 1947 (June 28 1947)BirthRobert Bondi, American politician
June 28th, 1947 (June 28 1947)BirthClarissa Dickson Wright, English celebrity chef
June 28th, 1947 (June 28 1947)BirthAnny Duperey, French film and television actress
June 28th, 1947 (June 28 1947)BirthMark Helprin, American writer
June 28th, 1946 (June 28 1946)BirthBruce Davison, American actor
June 28th, 1946 (June 28 1946)BirthGilda Radner, American comedienne (died in 1989)Gilda Radner Quotes
June 28th, 1946 (June 28 1946)BirthJaime Guzman, Chilean politician.
June 28th, 1945 (June 28 1945)BirthDavid Knights, English musician (Procol Harum)
June 28th, 1943 (June 28 1943)BirthDonald Johanson, American paleoanthropologist
June 28th, 1943 (June 28 1943)BirthKlaus von Klitzing, German physicist, Nobel laureate
June 28th, 1942 (June 28 1942)BirthChris Hani, leader of the South African Communist Party (died in 1993)
June 28th, 1942 (June 28 1942)BirthDavid Miner, American musician and record producer
June 28th, 1941 (June 28 1941)BirthAl Downing, American baseball player
June 28th, 1941 (June 28 1941)BirthJoseph Goguen, American computer scientist (died in 2006)
June 28th, 1940 (June 28 1940)EventRomania cedes Bessarabia (current-day Moldova) to the Soviet Union.
June 28th, 1940 (June 28 1940)BirthMuhammad Yunus, Bangladeshi banker, economist and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
June 28th, 1940 (June 28 1940)BirthRoderick Wright, ex-Scottish bishop (died in 2005)
June 28th, 1938 (June 28 1938)BirthJohn Byner, American comedian
June 28th, 1938 (June 28 1938)BirthMoy Yat, Chinese martial artist (died in 2001) Martial Quotes
June 28th, 1938 (June 28 1938)BirthLeon Panetta, American White House Chief of Staff to Bill ClintonBill Clinton Quotes
June 28th, 1937 (June 28 1937)BirthRichard Bright, American actor (died in 2006)
June 28th, 1937 (June 28 1937)BirthGeorge Knudson, Canadian golfer (died in 1989)
June 28th, 1937 (June 28 1937)BirthRon Luciano, American baseball umpire (died in 1995)
June 28th, 1936 (June 28 1936)EventThe Japanese puppet state of Mengjiang is formed in northern China.
June 28th, 1936 (June 28 1936)BirthChuck Howley, American football player
June 28th, 1935 (June 28 1935)BirthJohn Inman, English actor (died in 2007)
June 28th, 1934 (June 28 1934)BirthCarl Levin, United States Senator
June 28th, 1933 (June 28 1933)BirthGusty Spence, Northern Irish loyalist politician
June 28th, 1932 (June 28 1932)BirthPat Morita, American actor (died in 2005)
June 28th, 1931 (June 28 1931)BirthJunior Johnson, American NASCAR driver
June 28th, 1930 (June 28 1930)BirthItamar Franco, President of Brazil
June 28th, 1929 (June 28 1929)DeathEdward Carpenter, English poet (born in 1844)
June 28th, 1928 (June 28 1928)BirthDr Hans Blix, Swedish head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission 2000-2003Hans Blix Quotes
June 28th, 1928 (June 28 1928)BirthHarold Evans, English journalist and writer; editor of The Sunday Times Evans Quotes
June 28th, 1927 (June 28 1927)BirthFrank Sherwood Rowland, American chemist, Nobel laureate
June 28th, 1926 (June 28 1926)BirthMel Brooks, American filmmakerMel Brooks Quotes
June 28th, 1923 (June 28 1923)BirthAdolfo Schwelm Cruz, Argentine racing driver
June 28th, 1922 (June 28 1922)EventThe Irish Civil War begins with the shelling of the Four Courts in Dublin by Free State forces.
June 28th, 1922 (June 28 1922)BirthMichael Vale, American actor (died in 2005)
June 28th, 1922 (June 28 1922)DeathVelimir Khlebnikov, Russian poet (born in 1885)
June 28th, 1921 (June 28 1921)BirthP. V. Narasimha Rao, Prime Minister of India (died in 2004)
June 28th, 1920 (June 28 1920)BirthA. E. Hotchner, American editor, novelist and playwright
June 28th, 1919 (June 28 1919)EventThe Treaty of Versailles is signed in Paris, formally ending World War I between Britain, France, Italy, the United States and allies on the one side and Germany and Austria Hungary on the other side.
June 28th, 1917 (June 28 1917)BirthKatherine Rawls, American swimming champion (died in 1982)
June 28th, 1916 (June 28 1916)DeathStefan Luchian, Romanian painter (born in 1868)
June 28th, 1915 (June 28 1915)DeathVictor Trumper, Australian cricketer (born in 1877)
June 28th, 1914 (June 28 1914)EventFranz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria and his wife Sophie are assassinated in Sarajevo by young Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip , the casus belli of World War I.
June 28th, 1914 (June 28 1914)BirthAribert Heim, Austrian physician
June 28th, 1914 (June 28 1914)DeathFranz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria (assassinated) (born in 1863)
June 28th, 1914 (June 28 1914)DeathCountess Sophie Chotek, wife of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria (assassinated) (born in 1868)
June 28th, 1913 (June 28 1913)BirthFranz Antel, Austrian filmmaker (died in 2007)
June 28th, 1913 (June 28 1913)BirthWalter Oesau, German pilot (died in 1944)
June 28th, 1913 (June 28 1913)DeathManoel Ferraz de Campos Salles, President of Brazil (born in 1841)
June 28th, 1912 (June 28 1912)BirthSergiu Celibidache, Romanian conductor (died in 1996)
June 28th, 1912 (June 28 1912)BirthCarl Friedrich von Weizsacker, German physicist and philosopher (died in 2007) Philo Quotes
June 28th, 1909 (June 28 1909)BirthEric Ambler, English writer (died in 1998)
June 28th, 1906 (June 28 1906)BirthMaria Goeppert-Mayer, German physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 1972)
June 28th, 1902 (June 28 1902)EventThe U.S. Congress passes the Spooner Act, authorizing President Theodore Roosevelt to acquire rights from Colombia for the Panama Canal.Theodore Roosevelt Quotes
June 28th, 1902 (June 28 1902)BirthRichard Rodgers, American composer (died in 1979)
June 28th, 1895 (June 28 1895)EventEl Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua form the Central American Union.
June 28th, 1894 (June 28 1894)EventLabor Day becomes an official US holiday.
June 28th, 1892 (June 28 1892)DeathAlexandros Rhizos Rhankaves, Greek poet and statesman (born in 1810)
June 28th, 1891 (June 28 1891)BirthCarl Panzram, American serial killer (died in 1930)
June 28th, 1891 (June 28 1891)BirthEsther Forbes, American writer (died in 1968)
June 28th, 1891 (June 28 1891)BirthCarl Spaatz, American Air Force general (died in 1974)
June 28th, 1889 (June 28 1889)DeathMaria Mitchell, American astronomer (born in 1818)
June 28th, 1887 (June 28 1887)EventMinot, North Dakota incorporated as a city.
June 28th, 1886 (June 28 1886)EventFirst scheduled Canadian transcontinental passenger train departs from Montreal, Quebec for Port Moody, British Columbia.
June 28th, 1884 (June 28 1884)BirthLamina Sankoh, early Sierra Leonean nationalist (died in 1964)
June 28th, 1883 (June 28 1883)BirthPierre Laval, Prime Minister of France (died in 1945)
June 28th, 1881 (June 28 1881)EventSecret treaty between Austria and Serbia.
June 28th, 1881 (June 28 1881)DeathJules Armand Dufaure, French statesman (born in 1798)
June 28th, 1880 (June 28 1880)EventNed Kelly the Australian bushranger captured at Glenrowan.
June 28th, 1880 (June 28 1880)DeathTexas Jack Omohundro, American frontier scout, actor, and cowboy (born in 1846)
June 28th, 1875 (June 28 1875)BirthHenri Lebesgue, French mathematician (died in 1941)
June 28th, 1873 (June 28 1873)BirthAlexis Carrel, French surgeon and biologist, Nobel laureate (died in 1944)Alexis Carrel Quotes
June 28th, 1867 (June 28 1867)BirthLuigi Pirandello, Italian writer, Nobel laureate (died in 1936)
June 28th, 1865 (June 28 1865)EventThe Army of the Potomac is disbanded
June 28th, 1859 (June 28 1859)EventFirst conformation dog show is held in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.
June 28th, 1855 (June 28 1855)EventThe Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded at Miami University
June 28th, 1841 (June 28 1841)EventThe Theatre de l Academie Royale de Musique in Paris premieres the ballet Giselle
June 28th, 1838 (June 28 1838)EventThe coronation of Victoria of the United Kingdom.
June 28th, 1836 (June 28 1836)DeathJames Madison, President of the United States (born in 1751)James Madison Quotes
June 28th, 1834 (June 28 1834)DeathJoseph Bove, Russian architect (born in 1784)
June 28th, 1831 (June 28 1831)BirthJoseph Joachim, Austrian violinist (died in 1907)
June 28th, 1824 (June 28 1824)BirthPaul Broca, French physician (died in 1880)
June 28th, 1813 (June 28 1813)DeathGerhard von Scharnhorst, Prussian general (born in 1755)
June 28th, 1807 (June 28 1807)EventSecond British invasion; John Whitelock lands at Ensenada on an attempt to recapture Buenos Aires and is defeated by the fierce resistance of the locals.
June 28th, 1806 (June 28 1806)BirthNapoleon Coste, French guitarist and composer (died in 1883)
June 28th, 1778 (June 28 1778)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Battle of Monmouth fought between the American Continental Army under George Washington and the British Army led by Sir Henry Clinton. Washington appoints Molly Pitcher a sergeant.George Washington Quotes
June 28th, 1776 (June 28 1776)EventThomas Hickey, Continental Army private and bodyguard to General George Washington, was hanged for mutiny and sedition.George Washington Quotes
June 28th, 1719 (June 28 1719)BirthEtienne Francois, duc de Choiseul, French statesman (died in 1785)
June 28th, 1716 (June 28 1716)DeathGeorge FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Northumberland, English general (born in 1665)
June 28th, 1712 (June 28 1712)BirthJean-Jacques Rousseau, Swiss philosopher (died in 1778)Jean-Jacques Rousseau Quotes
June 28th, 1703 (June 28 1703)BirthJohn Wesley, English founder of Methodism (died in 1791)John Wesley Quotes
June 28th, 1651 (June 28 1651)EventBattle of Beresteczko between Poles and Ukrainians starts.
June 28th, 1641 (June 28 1641)BirthMarie Casimire Louise de la Grange d Arquien, queen of Poland (died in 1716)
June 28th, 1635 (June 28 1635)EventGuadeloupe becomes a French colony.
June 28th, 1598 (June 28 1598)DeathAbraham Ortelius, Flemish-born cartographer (born in 1527) Abraham Quotes
June 28th, 1586 (June 28 1586)DeathPrimoz Trubar, Slovenian Protestant reformer (born in 1508)
June 28th, 1577 (June 28 1577)BirthPeter Paul Rubens, Flemish painter (died in 1640)
June 28th, 1519 (June 28 1519)EventCharles V elected emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
June 28th, 1503 (June 28 1503)BirthGiovanni della Casa, Italian poet (died in 1556)
June 28th, 1491 (June 28 1491)BirthKing Henry VIII of England (died in 1547) Henry VIII of England Quotes
June 28th, 1490 (June 28 1490)BirthAlbert of Mainz, bishop and elector of Mainz (died in 1545)
June 28th, 1476 (June 28 1476)BirthPope Paul IV (died in 1559)
June 28th, 1389 (June 28 1389)EventOttomans defeat Serbian army in the bloody Battle of Kosovo, opening the way for the Ottoman conquest of Southeastern Europe (see Vidovdan).
June 28th, 1389 (June 28 1389)DeathPrince Lazar Hrebeljanovic of Serbia (born in 1329)
June 28th, 1385 (June 28 1385)DeathAndronikos IV Palaiologos, Byzantine Emperor (born in 1348)
June 28th, 1194 (June 28 1194)DeathEmperor Xiaozong of Song China (born in 1127)
June 28th, 1175 (June 28 1175)DeathAndrei Bogolyubsky, Russian prince
June 28th, 1098 (June 28 1098)EventFighters of the First Crusade defeat Kerbogha of Mosul.
June 28th, 1061 (June 28 1061)DeathFloris I, Count of Holland
June 28th, 0928 (June 28 0928)DeathLouis the Blind, King of Provence and Holy Roman Emperor
June 28th, 0767 (June 28 0767)DeathPope Paul I
June 28th, 0548 (June 28 0548)DeathTheodora, Byzantine empress

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